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Teodora's Journey

Her music is at times a volcano, and other times a river whose waters are clear and pure and know their own way. It is light and darkness all in one. It is the sound that unites the Sky and the Earth.

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Teodora Enache's Journey

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8th of March – You must believe in spring

YOU MUST BELIEVE IN SPRING-standards and love songs for 2 instruments-voice and guitar. Teodora Enache and Calin Grigoriu

Teodora Israel

MARCH 6, 2019:Concert ROOTS-SHORASHIM –Tel Aviv

The concert Roots-Shorashim is built on Teodora Enache’s belief that regardless of the place where we are born and beyond any social,religious or ethnic limitations-we all share the same root.This credo lies at the heart of her every concert and has become the leitmotif of her career.



Release date: 2016
Recorded at Audio Mix House, Las Vegas, NV
Produced by Benny Rietveld, Recorded by Josh Connolly, Mixed by Benny Rietveld


Release Date: 2015
Label: E-Media (Romania)


Release Date: November, 2013
Label: E-Media (Romania)


Doina – Bela Bartok dansul nr 3

Classic in jazz – ethnic jazz – ‘’The Romanian Blues’’


Currently Teodora has several projects in her portfolio:

Teodora's Thoughts


This show created by Teodora Enache, with Oana Pellea as the special guest, has its origins in Kahlil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’. Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931) was born in Lebanon to an Arab family; he later on converted to Christianity.
Teodora Enache's Thoughts