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With a career that spans over more than two decades, Teodora is a complex musician. A one of a kind vocalist and a talented composer, grounded in jazz but never bound to it, she is always open to exploring new musical frontiers.

In her musical projects, she approaches with same passion and vitality classical jazz, world music, her own creations, the Doina’n Jazz, as well as surprisingly innovative mash-ups rooted in classical music (Bach, Mozart…) and modern music (Bartok, Enescu…).

The beginnings: classic American jazz…

A young mathematics teacher, Teodora was passionately in love with American jazz in the early years of her career. For Teodora, singing was pure joy, the engine of life. The founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun, stated after he heard Teodora singing: “When I heard her for the first time, I felt her energy straight in my heart, something only Ella Fitzgerald makes me feel.”

Linking the Romanian Doina to jazz…

The Doina is rooted in the Romanian folklore. It is a lyrical, solemn chant that is improvised and spontaneous that can be sung in any context, and is always performed solo, with or without instrumental accompaniment. The Doina has a wide-ranging expressive and thematic palette that spans from joy to sadness, solitude or love.

She was the first vocalist to introduce the Romanian Doina in a jazz concert. One of the artistic missions she took on was to put the Doina on the map and sing it on every stage of the world she stepped on.

In Teodora’s vision, singing is a journey of self-discovery, a quest celebrating life. And music is the golden key towards the common roots that lie deep within us and bring us all together. She passionately explores the archaic depth of the Romanian Doina, discovering in what she considers to be the local blues a really good way to get in touch with our roots.

Her canto teacher, Dan Priscornic, said about her technique: “Teodora’s voice bears in the depths the pure black jazz, but also the incantations of the Doina… Due to her singing technique, Teodora’s voice rises as a ‘morning nightingale’ to heights that are almost impossible to reach, acquiring an ambitus similar to the range of a musical instrument.”

Singer and composer: fulfilling the vision…

As Teodora becomes a mature singer and composer, music is for her more than merely performing art. Music became her inner journey – a journey which opens new, untapped paths, a journey which carries her in an unknown land, uncomfortable, even scary sometimes. It is an exploration into the depths of her being. It is a path towards understanding who she is, where her roots are. She started to bring on stage her own compositions, as yet another way of fulfilling her vision.

During the two decades of musical career, Teodora collaborated with famous musicians from all over the world and step up on important jazz stages. Here are some of her collaborations: Stanley Jordan (Montreux Jazz Festival, Ingolstadt Jazztage, Lugano Jazz Festival, Garana Jazz Festival, Concert at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest), Benny Rietveld (‘’Transfiguration’’ album launching tour in Romania), Theodosii Spassov (Russe Jazz & Blues Festival, Montreal Eurofest, Apollonia Festival, Varsovia Festival), Curtis Fuller (Blues Alley, Washington), Lars Danielsson (Tour in Bucharest and Cluj, Jazz in the Park Festival), Philippe Duchemin (Caveau de la Huchette, Paris), Al Copley (Menden Jazz Festival), Les Paul (Iridium Club, New York), Eric Legnini (Jazz in Marciac Festival), Guido Manusardi (Milan Jazz Festival), Daniele di Bonaventura (Sofia Jazz Festival), Ricardo Scale (Nouveau Jazz Club, San Francisco), Decebal Bădilă (Vienna Jazz Festival, Strasbourg Jazz Festival, Kiev Jazz Festival, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Menden Festival), István Gyárfás & Balázs Berkes (Jazzmozdony @ Kultea Club, Budapest), Darius Brubeck, Luigi Bonafe & Lucio Canetti, Burton Greene, Billy Cobham, Krisztina Fejes, Norbert Kael, and many others.

An important chapter of her early career was the longtime collaboration with Johnny Răducanu – the senior of the Romanian jazz and her mentor.

In 2004, Teodora was invited as fellow of US State Department International Visitors program, as Romanian Cultural Ambassador in US.

In 2005, the short movie ‘’Jazz Made in Romania’’ was awarded best short musical from the West Coast USA, at Poppy Jasper International Film Festival.

In 2007, Teodora received the “Excellence Prize for the most important international contribution of a jazz artist” from the Romanian Radio Society.

In 2016, Teodora Enache became the Artistic Director of the Bucharest International Jazz Festival putting her signature and style on a fresh program, which was highly appreciated by the audience in Bucharest.

In 2018, ‘’The Prophet’’ was awarded the best Romanian show of the year by Muzza foundation.


“Teodora is one of the few voices in the whole world that goes easily from the ethnical emission and improvisation to jazz improvisation, it’s a very special born talent that takes you smoothly from the world of Doina, to the world of Blues, uniting both of them in a unique way.”Serguey Shishov, radio show creator and host at the Bulgarian National Radio

“Teodora has a spiritual vision in music”Benny Rietveld, 9-time Grammy Award winner, Santana’s bass player and musical director

“Teodora’s voice has the passion of fire, her impressive vocal range touches the sky, but comes from the depths of her soul with great strength. Teodora’s music has spiritual dimensions.”Florian Lungu, Romanian Jazz critic

“You are part of our family – you really sing from the bottom of your heart!”Johnny Griffin, American jazz tenor saxophonist, awarded Honorary Doctorate of Music at Berklee College of Music

“Keep an eye on her! She’s one of a kind!”Michel Bedin, Journalist at Jazz Hot Magazine

”Teodora sings for life and for death.”Johnny Răducanu, jazz musician and composer, considered the “father” of the Romanian jazz

”A black voice in white skin.”Elle Magazine

“I will always remember the way she sang My Funny Valentine.” – Curtis Fuller, American jazz trombonist, known as a member of Art Blakey‘s Jazz Messengers and contributor to many classic