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Bucharest International Jazz Festival 2018

Teodora and the Prophet Band opened the fourth evening of the Bucharest International
Jazz Festival, 2018.

It was exclusively for the 2018 edition that the artistic director of the Bucharest International Jazz Festival, Teodora Enache took the stage along with the Prophet Band: Manu Koch – piano (USA), Apostolos Sideris – bass (Greece), Joca Perpignan – percussions (Israel), Calin Grigoriu – guitar (Romania), Alexandru Arcus – saxophone (Romania).

The program prepared by Teodora Enache for the 6th July concert consisted of pieces selected from her most recent project, The Prophet. The compositions are signed by Teodora Enache – whose kinematic music shares her story, a story marked by her  spiritual search. ‘Our most valuable gift of all is our unity, the fact that, regardless of our geographical, political or religious boundaries which separate us, deep down we all have only one root. I planned to find this root and sing about it. This is how my compositions were born (Song about Joy, Song about Sorrow, Song about Prayer or Song about Children’, says Teodora Enache.