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Incantations – a concert with Teodora Enache

Teodora Enache – vocals, Calin Grigoriu-guitar, Alex Arcus – saxophone

The songs Teodora proposed for this concert are her own compositions. It is a kinematic music that tells a story. Everything that Teodora’s heart captures as emotion is transposed into song. Her voice cannot hide the sounds of blues and jazz that marked her evolution. And, as the initiator of the ethic trend in Romania, she passionately sings about her roots.

Her stage partners for this project are her guitarist Calin Grigoriu and saxophonist Alex Arcus.

Calin brings to the stage a mix of sounds, the sound of classical music that he completes with the sound which marked him from the very beginning of his career: rock and blues. Calin creates alongside Teodora new themes, breathing new life into them every time, with dedication and expertise. Alex is concerned about expanding the stylistic devices even more, as he is always open to trying out the latest techniques in music.