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Live at Guerrilive 

Live at Guerrilive – Radio Guerilla with the Prophet Band: Teodora Enache,  Calin Grigoriu , Manu KochApostolos SiderisJoca PerpignanAna-Cristina Leonte, Alexandru Arcuș.

On 2 nd October 2017, all the musicians from the Prophet band were the guests of Bogdan Seban in the live show Guerrilive, at Radio Guerrilla – one of the most appreciated fm radio channels in Bucharest. For more than one hour, Teodora and the Prophet band played songs from their show and talked live with the listeners about freedom, love and joy. The entire show was broadcast live on the Guerilla site and on Facebook. The Guerrilla listeners had the opportunity of listening to the music composed by Teodora for the Prophet show and found out details about the wonderful poems written by Kahlil Gibran, the Lebanese poet who was Teodora’s main source of inspiration for this show.