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November 2018: Teodora Enache brings the joy on stage in a jazz key

November 2018: Teodora Enache brings the joy on stage in a jazz key – All About Joy in a mini tour in Romania

Teodora Enache presents her new project – All about Joy – in a Romanian mini-tour, in Cluj (22ndof  November) and in Bucharest (25thof November). She appears on the stages of the Auditorium Maximum hall, in Cluj-Napoca and Teatrelli, in Bucharest, alongside Călin Grigoriu – on guitar, and Joca Perpignan from Israel – on percussion.

In the past few years, Teodora has been exploring in depth, in her concerts and compositions, the ritualistic value of music, as well as its unique capability to create privileged bonds between people and to make them perceive the common root that unites us all. Teodora includes the concept of ritual in her new show – All about Joy, offering the public from Cluj and Bucharest the opportunity of receiving the gift of joy through music.

“Each concert is like a ritual. Music puts things in good order, and helps us open up in order to give and to receive. For me, music has become a wonderful opportunity to express my gratitude for the life I received as a gift. Music taught me how to offer more. And I offer what I hold most precious – love, peace, joy, gratitude”, says Teodora Enache.

For her new show – All about Joy, Teodora has prepared a program including her own compositions, as well as a few songs from a variety of musical genres, which inspired her into re-arranging them in an original manner.  The spirit of jazz, which is multifaceted, just like a crystal, and very much alive” becomes thus the musical language that pushes boundaries and allows her to merge classic jazz, blues, Latin rhythms and world music.

When we play music together, we discover that common root that unites us all. And jazz is my special vehicle that helps me get to the root, and also to discover and wander around new territories where my creativity takes me, mixing an African riff with a theme from Bach, or with an incantation coming from who knows where, or even maybe with a doina. They are all faces of the same crystal”, added Teodora.

Teodora invited Călin Grigoriu and Joca Perpignan as her dialogue partners for the concert at the Auditorium Maximum in Cluj. Călin Grigoriu is a complete, thorough and versatile musician, whose sound crosses over effortlessly from classical music to funk. Joca Perpignan is a percussionist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, who’s got the rhythm is his blood, and whose fresh and creative approach to music brings color to any concert. The stage collaboration between the three artists keeps evolving and gives birth to surprising vocal harmonies that highlight Teodora’s emotions.

The encounter of the three musicians took place around a year ago, on the occasion of Teodora’s previous project: a poetic musical entitled The Prophet. Călin Grigoriu and Joca Perpignan were part of the original team, and have since become permanent guests of The Prophet Band, as well as of Teodora’s more recent projects. Their constant musical collaboration has led to their sound becoming more and more refined.

The premiere and only performance of the concert All About Joy in Cluj, with Teodora Enache (vocals, composition and musical arrangement), Călin Grigoriu (guitar and arrangements) and Joca Perpignan (percussion) promises the audience a unique experience of sharing joy through music, which shouldn’t be missed!

The show from Cluj on 22nd November is the first of a mini-tour in Romania. The following All about Joy concert of the tour takes place in Bucharest, on 25th November.

The show’s producer is e-multimedia distribution.

The production of the show All About Joy was possible with the help of Opera Plaza Cluj, Cărturești Libraries Network, Casa Bio Cluj. Media partners: , TVR Cluj, TVR3, Radio Romania Cluj, InfoTrafic Cluj network, The Woman.