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Teodora speaks for TEDxCluj

Teodora has been invited to be one of the speakers of TEDxCluj which will take place on February 25, at the Hungarian Opera House in Cluj-Napoca. This TEDxCluj edition has a generous theme: “Going Beyond”. “When we talk about going beyond, we talk about pushing limits. From getting out of the comfort zone to going literally out in space. We talk about seeing beyond appearances, beyond preconceptions, about going the extra mile professionally, personally, about continuous development and so on.”

Here’s what “Going Beyond” means for Teodora: “My music is more than a performing art; it is my inner Journey. A journey which opens new, untapped paths, a journey which carries me in an unknown land, uncomfortable, even scary sometimes. It is an exploration into my deepest being – difficult, not safe at times. It is a path towards understanding who I am, where my roots are, the place I start discovering our only ONE ROOT, where there are no separations between me and you, he or she…, the place we all come from and maybe travel towards…”