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The Prophet premiere & tour. Bucharest

The Prophet premiere & tour. Bucharest – 30th September & 1st October 2017, Timisoara – 6th October, Cluj – 8th October. Teodora Enache – concept and vocals. Oana Pellea – actress, poem recitals. Mihai Tarna – director. And the Prophet Band: Calin GrigoriuManu KochApostolos SiderisJoca PerpignanAna-Cristina LeonteAlexandru Arcuș.

“The Prophet” – is a poetic musical inspired by the poems of the Lebanese philosopher and poet Kahlil Gibran, which premiered in 2017. All the songs in the show are Teodora’s original compositions. It is a complex performance, created especially for the stage, with poem recitals and supported by a complex team of six musicians: Teodora Enache – composition & vocals, Oana Pellea –  poem recitals; Manu Koch – piano (USA), Apostolos Sideris – bass (Greece), Joca Perpignan – percussions (Israel), Ana-Cristina Leonte – backing vocals (Romania), Calin Grigoriu – guitar (Romania), Alexandru Arcus – saxophone (Romania). The production is signed by Mihai Tarna, director and professor at the Film Academy in Paris. The premiere of the show and the launch tournament was received with enthusiasm by the public and by the specialized press.