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Woodstock Revival

  • rated as one of Romania’s first league jazz singers, with a career that spans over 21 years;
  • she performed with jazz musicians like Curtis Fuller, Les Paul, Stanley Jordan, Ricardo Scale, Darius Brubeck or Burton Green, on the biggest jazz stages (Montreux, Lugano, Bozar, Romanian Atheneum);
  • awarded with the Excellence Prize for the most important international contribution of a Romanian jazz musician, by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company;
  • 2014 brought her the first project with BENNY RIETVELD (bass player and musical director for Carlos Santana, winner of 9 Grammys), project that laid the bases of an ongoing collaboration.



  • one of the most prolific modern bass players of the international music culture, that brings an impressive résumé with him;
  • 8-time Grammy Award™-winning bass player, film composer and producer;
  • currently bass player and musical director for Carlos Santana;
  • performed and recorded with Miles Davis, Sheila E., John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Hayes, Ray Obiedo, and many others;
  • has also appeared on 'Breaking Bad', 'Krush Groove' and numerous other TV shows and concert videos.







50 years ago, Woodstock was a protesting movement, a militant way of showing the world that there is another possibility to live, choosing love instead of war, freedom instead of chains, and flowers instead of guns.

My message, too, is about Peace. Only that this time we shall not blame anyone and aim at changing the rest of the world. It shall be an inner revolution. The real peace is buried deep inside of us. And music will help us uncover it. If Woodstock was an outward revolution, my music now shall be an inner one.

Today I know that our real enemies are not guns and bombs. Our real enemy is ourselves: our mind, our fears, some of our choices. I believe that music can UNITE people, that music can heal our mind and the world around us. Music can guide us to our root, and there it can help us discover that I am YOU and YOU are ME.

15 years ago I started a project entitled BACK TO MY ROOTS. It’s a long-term musical journey in search of the COMMON ROOTS of music, going from the Romanian Doina to American Blues, from Jewish Klezmer and Jazz to Bulgarian folklore and African music.

I know that music is a vehicle which can help us bring everyone together, helping us get to that ONE root we all share. It is there that we can find UNITY, PEACE and LOVE.


  • the project is an astonishing collaboration between the Romanian and American jazz music, represented by Teodora Enache-Aisha and, respectively, Benny Rietveld, that turns each performance into a real musical event;
  • it was launched in Romania, in September 2014, by two concerts, highly appreciated by the audience;
  • in February 2015, the six musicians have recorded the first album, at the Audio Mix House studios in Las Vegas (USA);
  • released in the fall of 2015, the album covers various musical works (jazz standards, traditional Romanian and Jewish music, original compositions of the two protagonists), in Benny Rietveld's orchestral vision and under his musical direction;
  • noteworthy: the contribution of the guest musician – Pepe Jimenez (drums, Santana).